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Kill La Kill chibi set by Tsundere-girl Kill La Kill chibi set by Tsundere-girl
Kill la Kill chibi set for Overload 2014! 
I'm really in love with this anime xD I'm never sick of their plot twists!
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Breezeyheart Featured By Owner Edited May 7, 2016  Student General Artist
Dawwww... Satsuki looks so harmless.. Ryuko looks like she wants to kick Satsuki's butt though! And Mako's off in her own little world ignoring that fact they are arguing. xD

Ryuko: "Don't point your sword at me, Satsuki!!"
Satsuki: "Don't you dare tell me what to do, Ryuko!!"
Mako: -thinking- Awww.. Ryuko and Satsuki are getting along! I wonder what's for lunch?

Ryuko: "Are you looking for a fight, Satsuki?!"
Satsuki: "I think you are, Ryuko!"
Ryuko: "Okay, that's it! Now you are claiming I started this?! You're going down!!" 
Satsuki: "Bring it on, Ryuko!!"
-they circle each other with weapons drawn-

Mako: -loses train of thought- "? Why are you two fighting?"
Ryuko: "Because 
Satsuki pointed her sword at me then claimed I started it!! That's why!!"
Satsuki: "That's absurd! I never did anything of the sort!"
Ryuko: "See!! Now, she's denying it!!"
Satsuki: "I was not!!"
Ryuko: "Was too!!"

Mako: "STOP!!!"
-they both stopped and turned their heads- 

Mako: "I'm sure there's a explanation for all of this." 
Ryuko: -sighs frustrated-  "I already told you, Mako. 
Satsuki pointed her sword at me, then claimed I started it."
Mako: "Why were you pointing your sword at Ryuko, 
Satsuki: -sighs frustrated- "Well, I.."
Mako: "Yes?"
Satsuki: -she took a deep breath- "I wanted to annoy Ryuko.."
Ryuko: "You wanted to what?!?! Why I should punch you!"
Mako: "Don't do that, Ryuko! Just forgive her! Now both of you hug and make up!"

Ryuko and 
Satsuki: "What?!"
Mako: "Hug and become friends again! I don't mean kiss, god." -rolls eyes- 
Ryuko: "Oh okay.." -hugs Satsuki- "Happy now, Mako?"
Satsuki: -hugs Ryuko back- "Are you happy now, Mako?"
Mako: -grins- "Yup! Let's go get ice cream!!"
Ryuko: -shrugs- "Okay! I want Green Tea though if you're paying."
Satsuki: -rolls eyes- "Wait, Really? Green Tea? I didn't take you as a tea person, Ryuko."
Ryuko: "Green Tea ice cream is great! I have had tea before, just not often."
Chrisman1991 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Fav La Fav!Love 
ZombieRanchero Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
soo cuteee!!!
Tsundere-girl Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student
Thanks xD
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